The Team.


Aka “Thor”

Technical Director

No one is better suited for this task than “Thor” himself. His courage and sense of duty are unshakeable, and his physical strength is virtually unmatched. He even owns a mini suitcase filled with every single screw, nail and tool you can think of.. ready for any tough situation! An epic belt full of Philips Screwdrivers, flat screwdrivers, tape measures, laser, normal, old school “Zollstock”, adjustable spanners and lots of Twix, Mars, Galaxy and candy of course! His power is doubly formidable when he wears his belt. His most famous possession, however, is his hammer.. Only rarely does he go anywhere without it.

We like to refer to Thorsten as Room Five protector because he has this unique ability to handle any “challenging” situation. When he isn’t head deep in all the technical aspects of our events you might (if you’re lucky) find him on the weekend enjoying a cold beverage and hanging out at the beach with his hammer of course by his side! “Hard work pays off”.