The Team.


aka Sir sleeps a lot

Project Manager / Consultant

A Dubai born Expat, Khan started his career in Event Management straight out of University back in 2006 or so, when he joined the Arab Media Group’s Events team, Done Events. Whilst here, he also hosted live TV shows (till 2009) that showcased music from the Sub-continent (pre-youtube times). 2009-2012 was what Khan calls his most boring yet extremely pro career years, during this time, he worked on various corporate events across the Mena Region with C-level executives and all that jazz. After this is when he made his most defining career move, joining Red Bull as a Culture Marketing Manager, a role that consisted of creating concepts, executing high profile events, managing several divisions and working closely on financial budgets.

Fast forward to 2015, Khan exits the Bull and takes a deep dive into the world freelance project consultancy, an extreme move that allowed him to explore his passion for music while still working on select projects over the years such as Sikka Art Fair with Room Five, Abu Dhabi F1, Dubai Marina Music Festival, Dubai Waterfront Launch as well as working with brands like Nestle, Etisalat, Nissan, Dior, Coca Cola, Black Raven and so on. It was somewhere in 2017 that Khan decided to pursue Music more professionally and started working with various venues across the UAE for music activations & gigs. This gave birth to “The Amp’d Show”, an original music concept that allows musicians from across the UAE to create, collaborate and celebrate.

By the end of 2018, Khan was also able to release his debut Music Album titled “Chronicles of Khan”.

To end this extremely compressed and self-praising bio, you can connect with Khan at Room Five and discuss the details of his adventures from entrepreneurial start-ups, zoo animals and how to survive in the desert for 36 years. If you’re nice, he might sing you a song too.