Client: RTA / Avantgarde Dubai
Venue: Hatta
Venue: October 2021

Project Description:

We are very proud to support Avantgarde Dubai and RTA Dubai in creating Art Installation By Emirati Artist and Designer Azza Al Qubaisi @azzaalqubaisi entitled “Hatta Rock Formation” for the launch of the Hatta Master Development Plan comprising of Hatta Beach Project, first-of-its-kind funicular transportation system, 120-km mountain bike track, and hotels.

“The artwork is inspired by the unique beauty of Hatta’s landscape. It was conceptualized to create a seamless extension to its backdrop highlighting its various natural elements. The use of oxidized mild steel makes the piece blends in its surrounding making it part of the natural scenery.

The piece is composed of several metal structures juxtaposed together mimicking the grand mountains of Hatta. The metal towers are laser cut revealing the Hatta logo in both English and Arabic. Inside the towers sit metal sheets with a leaf pattern relating to the flora of Hatta.

The letter “ت“ in Arabic was created using a resin mold containing local pebbles from the wadi of Hatta shining a light through the piece.

This piece represents my love to the natural and serene beauty of Hatta. Its majestic mountains, colors, greeneries, and its famous dams. And, as an artist whose passion lies in using natural yet robust material this piece was an exact reflection of my work. The powerful metal was as solid as the mountains and while sitting side by side it draws attention to what the future holds to this beloved city.” Azza.

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