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Aka Dj Gee

Event Producer



Ghida is a driven and passionate individual from Lebanon, Graduated 2009 in Business Management. She worked for 5 years in Lebanon as a Project coordinator for an educational organization, then found herself thirsty for more ,as if something was missing, until one day she woke up determined to change the path that she was following ..,she always had a passion for music and event planning and management so she packed up and in 2014 moved to Dubai in hopes to make her dreams come true.

She began with a fresh start, new challenges and loads of exciting projects in Event Management as she was very enthusiastic about managing events, organizing social gathering and planning projects accordingly. It thrills her to make someone’s day by perfecting what she does and using her abilities and creative skills to make a change. Her Moto in Life is “Do what you love, Love what you do!” so she fully lives in the moment and thrives by making it special for everyone she works with.

What makes her a multi talent is her love for music. Ghida is a DJ who spins the latest tunes and charms her audience into the magical world of partying and celebrations.

So, all in all, Ghida is a small girl in this big universe who is trying to make a difference in whatever she can.


Ghida Hariri