The Team.


aka Plump Fofo

Creative Producer

After 4 eventful years being on the Dean’s list for three semesters, winning third place and peoples choice award 2014’s 48 hour film competition and being the only radio DJ on campus who dared to play 80’s rock against popular demand Farah graduated in 2014 from the American University of Sharjah with a BS in MultiMedia Design. Not long after, she relocated to Qatar where she worked on various design jobs  and now back to Dubai bringing her creative talents to Room-Five. One of the achievements she’s mostly proud of is working with Felix Hardmood Beck from ART+COM studios on the installation Sharjah Octagon featured in Sharjah and then Istanbul.

Her hobbies are her talents and her talents are her hobbies as she loves to paint, sing and act. A geek at heart, her love for Japanese Culture translated into her affinity for playing RPG video games and indulgence in Anime Manga. As for her hopes and dreams? Simply to live in a basement somewhere without cell reception where no one could ever bother her. Unless you are Benedict Cumberbatch, in that case, bother away.