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Event: Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre
Venue: The Cultural & Scientific Association, Al Mamzar, Dubai
Date: 22 – 31 October, 2016

Project Description:
Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre, an initiative by Dubai Culture, on its 10th edition this 2016, puts creativity in the spotlight. Talented local and Emirati theatre groups put on a great show performance on each of the days, opening up and establishing a platform for theatre artists, enthusiasts and the general public – across the GCC.

The festival featured an extensive range of thespian culture and the performing arts through:

-The 3-level theatre box, where guests were welcomed and experienced the stage life
-Outdoor stage performances, a variety of musical genres plus poetry livened up the outdoor stage courtyard
-Panel talks, where the audience and performers have a dialogue
-Folk Dances
-Ambient performers
-Awards ceremony
-Outdoor food courtyard for F&B vendors
-Reading Zone
-Creativity and Happiness Theatre

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Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre 2016