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Room-Five - Getting to know what’s behind the doors.

About us.

Room-Five creative facility based in Dubai, UAE specializes in both Events Management & Live Communication consultancy services. Through its highly qualified in-house team and its strategic network of partners, Room-Five provides a complete support for your events and activation.

While a young company in the UAE, the team behind Room-Five have a long history working in the GCC in general and the UAE in particular. We understand the culture so well that we made Dubai home. This knowledge combined with an extensive set of skills and expertise produces results that perfectly match the needs of the market and exceed expectations. Our aim is to also enrich the art & culture scene in the UAE by maintaining a sustainable artistic base to nurture talents, providing them with a platform to grow within a variety of projects and tailor-made events.

Why Room-Five?

We do not differentiate a brand or a project based on its size or budget, at Room-Five we:

• Build a long-lasting relationship with our clients as partners and we look at their brand as our own
• Constantly study new ways of communicating the brief in a memorable, creative and effective way
• Never take the easy way in providing the typical events activities, we always push for new and different solutions
• Maintain a high level of creativity & attention to detail whether working on an in store display or a large scale event
• Want to become a reference for creativity regardless of what we are communicating
• We keep a low margin and focus on building trust and continuity even though we exist in a high competitive market


We are creative, down to earth and love what we do! (Probably a little different too). But you definitely reached the right door… Welcome to the Room!
About RF.